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Partnership to protect the Richmond River from sediment runoff

The two-year investment, funded from the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy, is contributing to water quality improvements in the Richmond River as part of a broader project being led by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The project will also improve the health of estuaries through numerous on-ground projects and by enhancing the management of agricultural systems, floodplains and infrastructure planning within the Richmond River catchment.

Project Manager Shaun Morris says the project will focus on sealing approximately eight kilometres of dirt road ensuring that during heavy rainfall or flooding events, road base material does not move into adjacent waterbodies and eventually into the Richmond River estuary.

“The investment will prevent approximately 1300 tonnes of road base material per flood event entering Emigrant Creek”.

The project will benefit from the expertise of Ballina Shire Council’s engineering team to design and install sealed road bases and use drones to monitor the progress of the works. At the same time Office of Environment and Heritage will monitor water quality to document improvements.

North Coast Local Land Services will also undertake river bank revegetation and other erosion control works on priority sites within Emigrant Creek Catchment to showcase the positive impact of best practice works on water quality within the catchment.

“These projects will demonstrate how simple interventions by land managers can result in better water quality within our marine estate.” Shaun said.

The ten-year Marine Estate Management Strategy was developed by the NSW Marine Estate Management Authority to coordinate the management of the marine estate.

For more information about the North Coast Local Land Services Marine Estate Management Project, please contact Shaun Morris on 0467796442.