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Roadside grazing permits

With drought conditions across New South Wales, livestock producers are seeking more fodder options including roadside grazing.

North Coast Local Land Services continues to work with local councils to connect landholders to potential feed reserves on council managed roadsides. As permit requests increase, landholders are reminded to gain approval from the relevant local council before contacting Local Land Services for a Roadside Grazing Permit.

Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Operations with North Coast Local Land Services, encouraged graziers to be well prepared when seeking a permit.

“The council will need some standard information to get the application started, and with so many coming through in the drought, it really helps to be ready when you make contact.”

Local Councils will require applicant details and information about the livestock including public liability insurance, location and map details, proposed grazing dates, as well as the number and type of stock.

Once approval has been provided by the Local Council landholders should contact their local LLS office for a permit.

“We understand drought is a busy time for everyone, so we want to make it as straightforward as possible, and a safe option for stock and their managers” Dean added.

Roadside grazing permits, like all stock permits, are issued with conditions by the Council and Local Land Services.

It is illegal to graze stock on a roadside without a permit and poses a safety risk for stock and motorists. Fines apply to unpermitted roadside grazing.

For further information please contact your local office of Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

Media contact: Dean Chamberlain, North Coast Local Land Services, Phone 0427 458 590