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Natural resource management support for North Coast dairy farmers

Subtropical Dairy and North Coast Local Land Services have formed a new agreement to deliver additional natural resource activities for dairy farmers over the coming months.

Subtropical Dairy, a Regional Development Program of Dairy Australia, is the dairy industry development body for Australia’s northern dairying region, which extends from Kempsey NSW to the Atherton Tablelands in QLD.

Dr Brad Granzin, Executive Officer of Subtropical Dairy said, “Under the new agreement, Subtropical Dairy will provide $5,000 to North Coast Local Land Services to deliver specific additional services for dairy farmers that contribute towards the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework and other strategic Dairy Australia priorities.

“Key activities include development of funding applications for on-farm dairy activities, supporting dairy farmers to participate in natural resource management programs, and delivery of additional effluent management training and effluent management plans.”

Nicole Strehling, Manager Natural Resource Management and Agricultural Advice for North Coast Local Land Services said, “Our partnership with Subtropical Dairy is critical to helping us maximise services for farmers and outcomes for our natural resources.

“Together, we are helping farmers grow their knowledge to support a productive industry and healthy natural environment.

“One of the initiatives planned for early 2017 is a number of workshops to help farmers analyse their current effluent systems and improve the value of effluent as an on-farm resource.

“The workshops will follow up with the preparation of on-farm effluent plans to identify areas where systems may be improved.” Nicole concluded.

This new agreement reinforces the commitment of Subtropical Dairy and North Coast Local Land Services to work together for a productive and sustainable dairy industry on the North Coast, formalised through the signing of a partnership agreement last year.

Media contact:           Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer, 0400 685 400

Photo caption:           Funding will help farmers analyse their current effluent reuse systems.