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More time to have your say on weed management

North Coast Local Land Services is extending the public consultation period for its draft Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan until 29 March.

Royce Bennett from North Coast Local Land Services said the North Coast plan forms part of a strategic planning approach being undertaken by all 11 Local Land Services regions and is designed to guide resource allocation and investment.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response in the consultation period so far and we’re keeping it open to allow everyone to have their say,” Royce said.

“The consultation period is an opportunity for stakeholders, organisations and interested community members to provide feedback on the management of weeds in the North Coast region.

“The cost of weeds to the agricultural industry on the North Coast is significant, as is the impact on the environment and we know the community wants greater coordination between government and landholders.”

Regional Weeds Committees have been established under the Local Land Services Act 2013 and are in operation around the State. Membership includes representatives from major stakeholder groups.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 adopts the concept of a general biosecurity duty. It means that anyone who is aware of a potential risk should take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise or eliminate that risk.

The draft Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plans are a direct response to this legislative reform.

The primary outcome of the weed reform process will be the integration of weed management efforts across the state.

For the first time in NSW, there will be a set of agreed priorities and actions which apply across both public and private land. Increased collaboration in the management of weeds will improve biosecurity outcomes and increase agricultural productivity.

The regional plans, factsheets, frequently asked questions, and feedback forms are available at North Coast Open.

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Royce Bennett, Manager Land Services, phone 0428 481 907

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Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility and the North Coast Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan supports the development of a strong biosecurity-aware culture