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Extending the endangered Sallywood Swamp Forest ecological community on Lord Howe Island

North Coast Local Lands Services has been working with the Lord Howe Island Board to extend the largest and most intact remnant of Sallywood (Lagunaria patersonia) Swamp Forest at the Lord Howe Island Golf Course.

Geoff LeMessurier from North Coast Local Land Services said, “An ecological community is a naturally occurring group of native plants, animals and other organisms that are interacting in a unique habitat.

“Projects such as this one are designed to ensure the protection, management and recovery of our native species and ecological communities.

“The native plants and animals within an ecological community have different roles and relationships that, together, contribute to the healthy functioning of the environment and protecting endangered ecological communities is important for an overall healthy environment.”

The Sallywood Swamp Forest planting at this site will increase the total area of this Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) by 600m² representing a 20% increase in the size of the EEC at this site and a 7% increase in the total of extent of the EEC across the Island. The project will also improve habitat for a range of birds including the Lord Howe Island Woodhen, Currawong, Silvereye and Golden Whistler which are all listed as threatened species.

The project will continue to remove exotic weed species and remove an infestation of Siratro vine (Macroptilium atropurpureum) from nearby vegetation, which could threaten the EEC if left untreated.

The works are being undertaken by local contractor JDC Environmental Restorations and funding has been made available to the Golf Club to undertake ongoing maintenance once the planting is established. Acknowledging the importance of community awareness to protect these precious natural sites, interpretation signage on the value of Sallywood Swamp Forest will be developed and installed.

This project is supported by North Coast Local Land Services through funding from the National Landcare Programme and the NSW Government’s Catchment Action NSW.

Media contact:           Geoff LeMessurier Phone 6563 6717

Photo caption:           Progress planting of the Sallywood revegetation project