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Don’t stay quiet on sick livestock

North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarians have called on landholders to contact them immediately when livestock are suffering from unknown symptoms, illnesses or death by an unknown cause.

Local Land Services deliver front-line public animal health services in NSW, and District Veterinarians are available for farm visits for mortality investigations and herd health problems.

Ongoing disease surveillance allows us to provide certification for livestock movements, and for monitoring for exotic or emerging diseases.

Dr Ian Poe, Team Leader for the North Coast District Veterinarian team, said it was important landholders made contact when they had issues with their livestock.

“North Coast Local Land Services is committed to helping keep properties free of animal diseases,” Ian said.

“If you notice unusual disease symptoms, abnormal behaviour or unexpected deaths in your stock your local district veterinarian is available to assist.”

The District Veterinarian team is calling on landholders not to delay reporting concerns they have regarding livestock health.

In the case of dead stock the chances of determining the cause are much greater the earlier a post mortem is conducted.

Experience overseas has clearly shown that the ability to quickly contain and eradicate an exotic disease is closely related to how early the disease is diagnosed.

“We are fortunate in Australia to not have many of the more devastating diseases of livestock seen around the world and early detection, should one of these diseases enter the country, is vital,” Ian said.

North Coast Local Land Services district veterinarians, along with biosecurity officers, have a range of priorities when it comes to assisting landholders, including emergency disease prevention, preparedness and response.

Landholders can contact their local District Veterinarian or Biosecurity Officer by contacting North Coast Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

Media contact:

Dr Ian Poe, District Veterinarian, Phone 0429 987 255

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It is important for landholders to report livestock health concerns