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Working on Country

Hands with native seedsNorth Coast Local Land Services has developed a range of exciting and innovative cultural connection projects that will help build relationships between local Aboriginal Land Councils and key environmental organisations.  The projects will build the skills of Aboriginal Green Teams in land management and cultural connection to Country activities.

Working in partnership with Dorrigo Plateau, Grafton Ngerrie and Coffs Harbour Local Aboriginal Land Councils, EnviTE, Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare and National Parks and Wildlife Service, the projects will increase the capacity and participation of Aboriginal people in planning for and managing their Country’s natural resources. North Coast Local Land Services is supporting the Working on Country projects with funding from the National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW.

The projects will help restore and manage the most significant Aboriginal lands in the central region of the North Coast, including the Gumbaynggirr and Yaegl nations. Site selection was undertaken in consultation with Aboriginal Elders and much of the land identified in the projects is owned by Aboriginal organisations.  Project sites include high profile areas such as Arrawarra Headland including Fish traps, Arrawarra Creek, Look-at-me-now Headland and Macauleys Headland.

Green teams working on bushland regenerationThe projects include the upgrading and development of natural resource and cultural heritage management plans, on ground works such as bush regeneration and pest animal management that will address priority management needs for a range of threatened species and communities.

Importantly these projects are delivering and promoting employment and community participation in natural resource management on traditional land culturally significant to the community. The Aboriginal Green Teams participating in the projects will learn new skills in bush regeneration techniques, GPS use, native seed collection, monitoring and evaluation.

Additional outcomes from the projects will include the development of a cultural appreciation and guidance course, community land and business plan development, open field days and interpretive signage to promote language and showcase onground works, as well as knowledge sharing and supervised training in accredited bush regeneration techniques.

Media contact:
Shaun Morris, Senior Land Services Officer, Phone 6659 9402.

Photo captions:
The projects will include 1. bushland regeneration and 2. native seed collection
Image Credits: EnviTE