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Tools to help manage Johne’s disease

Cattle in yardsThe North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian team recently provided information to North Coast cattle producers about changes to the management of Bovine Johne’s disease.  Since that initial advice, Animal Health Australia has now released a number of tools to allow beef producers to help them prevent Johne’s disease from entering their herd, or manage it, if it is already there.

Ian Poe, District Veterinarian said, “In moving to a less regulated approach it is important for producers to ask questions about stock that they are purchasing to assess their suitability.”

A Johne’s disease beef assurance score, known as J-BAS, has been developed as a tool for producers to use to assess the Johne’s risk. The score is designed to be used as a guide and the Johne’s disease biosecurity checklist has also been developed to help producers determine other questions they may wish to ask to assess the Johne’s risk of the cattle and property of origin. The checklist can also be used by producers developing a property biosecurity plan.

The national cattle health declaration has been updated to reflect the changes to Johne’s disease management, and is the best way for producers to obtain information about the health status of cattle prior to purchase.

Ian continued, “It is important for cattle producers to be aware of the national cattle health declaration because in addition to providing information on the Johne’s risk, it also provides information on pestivirus, and other health treatments and vaccinations that the cattle have received.”

Further information on these tools can be found on the Animal Health Australia website at  or contact the North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian team.

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Ian Poe, District Veterinarian Phone: 0429 987 255

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All producers should ask for health information about cattle before buying them.