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Taking a strategic approach to highly invasive weeds in the Clarence

There is a real risk of some very unpleasant weeds threatening some of our most endangered ecosystems which is why North Coast Local Land Services is working with Clarence Landcare Inc on a three-year project that will undertake strategic planning and control on some of the region’s most invasive weeds, including cats claw creeper, mysore thorn, madeira vine and honey locust.

Cat's claw flowerCats claw creeperMysore thorn weedMysore thorn
Maderia vineMadeira VineHoney Locust weedHoney locust

These weeds pose serious threat to the productive and sustainable use of riverine corridors and agricultural lands. As part of a strategic approach we are assessing riverine zones within the Clarence Valley Council area and seeking feedback from landholders and the general community on the identification and location of these four weeds species.

Surveying and mapping of these species will assist to guide strategic control of areas and develop containment lines to stop the spread of these highly invasive weeds into high conservation areas.

Clarence Landcare Coordinator Debbie Repschlager said, “As an example, we know there are stretches along the Clarence River where cats claw creeper is continuous for several kilometres and this is not what we need reported.

“We are interested in finding the upper limits, such as higher up the creeks and gullies that feed into the Clarence River as it’s those small isolated infestations that potentially could spread into significant native vegetation further upstream.

“We want to use that information to develop a plan that can stop cats claw from getting into new areas.

“We know honey locust has been a problem for many years up the Mann River in the Wytaliba area, we have had reports of this spiny tree popping up lower down on the Mann and the Clarence River, we need to map these so we can understand the extent of the problem so we can formulate a control plan.”

If you have seen any of these weeds or are willing to allow access to your property for surveying please contact Clarence Landcare on 6643 5009 or by email.

This project is supported by North Coast Local Land Services with funding provided by the National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW.

Media contact:

Selina Miller, Land Services Officer, Phone 6604 1112

Photo captions – four images:

The project will undertake control on weeds such as cats claw creeper, honey locust, madeira vine and mysore thorn.