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Taking a strategic approach to highly invasive weeds

Mysore thorn weedNorth Coast Local Land Services is working with Clarence Landcare Inc on a three-year project that will consolidate and share information on some of the region’s most invasive weeds, including Cats Claw, Mysore Thorn, Madeira Vine and Honey Locust.

Supported by North Coast Local Land Services with funding provided by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, Clarence Landcare Inc has been working in consultation with land managers of both private and public lands and Clarence Valley Council to consolidate and share information on the identification of satellite populations of key weeds.

Surveys and mapping have been undertaken to guide strategic control of areas and develop containment lines to stop the spread of these highly invasive weeds into high conservation areas.

Tagging mysore thorn weed to identify it for sprayingBush Regeneration teams including Muurrbay Bundani Aboriginal Corporation, EnviTE and Coffs Harbour Bushland Regeneration are currently working with Clarence Landcare on the strategic control of weeds along the Boyd and Mid Nymboida River catchment areas.

While helping to strengthen the capacity of land managers to deal with control and spread of highly invasive weeds these works are also leading to the protection of important riverine vegetation in areas where the weeds are currently not established.

Debbie Repschlager from Clarence Landcare said “There is a great diversity of native flora and fauna species found within these catchment areas, including threatened species like the Eastern Freshwater Cod Maccullochella ikei, Creek TriplarinaTriplarina imbricata and BrushSauropusPhyllanthus microcladus.

“Identifying and recognising threatened species in these areas is an important aspect of this project and extra care is taken when undertaking weed control,” Debbie continued.

Selina Miller, Local Land Services Officer said, “These works will help reduce the spread of the weeds and improve water quality within the regional water supply catchment area of the Nymboida River and lead to improved native vegetation diversity”.

Media contact:
Selina Miller, Local Land Services Officer Phone 6604 1112

Photo captions:

Mysore thorn and Mysore thorn being tagged prior to spraying