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Building skills for a stronger North Coast dairy industry

Subtropical Dairy, the dairy industry development body for Australia’s northern dairying region, is working with North Coast Local Land Services to build skills that will help grow dairy farm productivity on the North Coast.

Subtropical Dairy is supporting North Coast Local Land Services with a $2,500 scholarship to attend training that covers all facets of effluent and manure management for dairy farms and concentrates on the design standards for storage, treatment and reuse.

Dr Brad Granzin, Executive Officer of Subtropical Dairy said, “We are seeing many dairy farmers seeking advice on how to better manage their effluent.

“By supporting North Coast Local Land Services to undertake this training we can increase the advice available to dairy farmers on effluent and manure management, design standards for storage, treatment and reuse, and development of effluent management plans.”

Nicole Strehling, Manager Land Services, said “We help farmers grow their knowledge through advice, information and training and it’s important that our team is across the latest innovations and developments in dairy farming.”

Senior Land Services Officer, Brendan O'Brien, who will complete the 'Design Livestock Effluent Systems' course said, “Professional effluent design practitioners are in demand in all dairy regions in Australia and it is a great opportunity for me to participate in this training so that I am better able to provide guidance to local dairy farmers.”

The Course will cover compliance with regulations and focus on reducing the impact of waste on catchment water quality and has been developed in response to an increasing drive from dairy farmers to reuse effluent to improve utilisation of valuable nutrients.

North Coast Local Land Services and Subtropical Dairy recently affirmed their commitment  to work together to support the productivity and sustainability of the dairy industry on the North Coast of NSW by signing a formal partnership agreement.

Media contact:

Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer, Phone  0400 685 400

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The dairy industry continues to be one of the cornerstones of the agricultural economy on the North Coast.