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Saving the coastal koala from extinction

FoxCoastal populations of koalas continue to decline as a result of fox and dog attacks. North Coast Local Land Services, in partnership with Byron Shire Council, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Brunswick Valley Landcare are addressing this threat through a three year partnership program to monitor and trap these invasive animals.

The program’s success relies on local landholders between the Pacific Highway and Tyagarah Nature Reserve to get involved.

Fox surveillance imageLocal landowner Bela Allen said, “We’ve seen foxes on monitoring cameras on our Tyagarah property but we need neighbouring properties to join in the monitoring to track fox movements on all the land bordering the Tyagarah Nature Reserve.

“We need a collaborative community approach to help save the coastal koala,” Bela concluded.

Kel Langfield, Senior Land Services Officer said, “The project encourages landowners to participate in the program at a level they feel comfortable.

“For example, they may choose to just allow monitoring cameras on their properties or participate through a combination of cage or soft jaw trapping as well as monitoring,” Kel said.

Landholders interested in more information are asked to contact Kirby Doak, North Coast Local Land Services on 6623 3924.

This project is supported by North Coast Local Land Services, through funding from the National Landcare Programme.

Media contact:

Kel Langfield, North Coast Local Land Services, Phone 6623 3927

Photo captions:

1. Foxes pose a threat to native species such as the coastal koala.

2. A fox captured on camera on private property near Tyagarah Nature Reserve