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Protecting Byron’s nesting shore birds through conversation

Pied OystercatcherEncouraging the community to talk about how to protect Byron’s native fauna is exactly what North Coast Local Land Services and Byron Bird Buddies is doing. The conversation aims to engage the community about a more effective management approach in protecting the native fauna.

Don’t just expect a knock on the door; the conversation has been encouraged through our kids.  A successful education programs has seen five schools and 334 students engaged in conversation which has encouraged a flow on effect into the local community to talk about protecting our native fauna and in particular, nesting shorebirds.

Isabel Borrelli, Education Coordinator with Byron Bird Buddies, said “Through the implementation of the Wild About Birds program funded by North Coast Local Land Services, the students begin to recognise that a single threat such as an unrestrained dog near nesting sites or a fox harboring on a nearby property could potentially impact on hundreds of beach users aspirations to protect native fauna along the foreshore.

Schoolchildren doing site visit“Students are taught to correctly identify birds and their habitats, monitor bird populations in their school areas and at home and attending field trips to wetlands and shorelines and we hope if children are taught to notice birds, they will more than likely notice the rest of the fauna around them”.

Kel Langfield, Senior Land Services Officer for North Coast Local Land Services said, “The project is not only about educating school kids but about open and transparent conversations in regards to the best way to manage threats to the local wildlife in the project area.

“By accommodating land users values we can start the conversation on how to use an effective mix of management options to reduce the likelihood of further decline of native fauna such as the nesting shorebirds.”

This project is supported by North Coast Local Land Services, through funding from the National Landcare Programme.

Landholders wanting to learn more about the project are asked to contact Kirby Doak, North Coast Local Land Services on 02 6623 3924.

Media contact:

Kel Langfield, Senior Land Services Officer, Phone 6623 3927.

Photo captions:

1. Upper Main Public School at West Byron wetlands
2. Pied Oystercatcher