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Ngurrala Aboriginal Green Team restoring bushland at Valla Beach

Two people working on a projectA partnership between North Coast Local Land Services and Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation is delivering local environmental restoration programs in the Valla Beach area. Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation has been operating a highly successful Aboriginal Green Team for the last decade that is well respected by local stakeholders and land managers.

The project with Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation is funded throughthe National Landcare Programme and the NSW Government’s Catchment Action NSW.

The Ngurrala Aboriginal Green Team not only conducts significant bush regeneration works in the local area but also provides skills and training to local Indigenous people. Previous participants in this program have utilised this experience to progress their careers in related areas such as working with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Ngurrala Aboriginal Green Team has been recently conducting bush regeneration works within Valla Nature Reserve and Jagun Nature Reserve. These reserves contain Littoral Rainforest, an Endangered Ecological Community that is significant both locally, and to New South Wales, for conservation benefits. The reserves also provide habitat for a variety of threatened species such as Koala, Powerful Owl and the Glossy Black Cockatoo.

The Ngurrala Aboriginal Green Team plans a systematic way to survey the Reserves, walking along transects and removing all weeds that they find. These weeds include Winter Senna (Senna pendula), Coral Berry (Ardisia crenata), Groundsel Bush (Baccharis halimifolia), Ochna (Ochna serrulata), Passionfruit (Passiflora spp) and Lantana (Lantana camara). Further information on these bushland weeds and control techniques can be found at

North Coast Local Land Services forms relationships with a range of key stakeholder groups across the region that are focused on achieving similar goals.  This collaborative approach leads to greater outcomes for the North Coast region particularly in building community capacity for integrated management.

This partnership is one of a number of projects supported by North Coast Local Land Services with funding from the National Landcare Programme and NSW Catchment Action. Programs include partnerships in the southern part of the region with Booroongen Djugun Ltd based in Kempsey and, in the north, with Madhima Gulgan Community Association based in Mullumbimby. A partnership has also been formed with Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo Plateau and Grafton-Ngerrie Local Aboriginal Land Councils and EnviTE Environment to deliver planning and on-ground implementation services focusing on connecting to Country outcomes in the central area of the region.

Local Aboriginal people with an interest in working and learning about bush regeneration should contact Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation on 6568 4400.

Media contact:

Joshua Bean, North Coast Local Land Services, Phone 6563 6713

Photo caption:

Robert Wilson and Caine Rosser identifying rare plants in Valla Nature Reserve