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Acting on local water quality and riverbank protection

Landcare project groupThe Landcare community across the Hastings, Macleay and Nambucca are benefiting from the strong relationship with North Coast Local Land Services, undertaking projects targeting local water quality and riverbank management issues.

Max Osborne, Senior Land Services Officer said, “Landcare groups provide a valuable focus for natural resource management and social networking.

“North Coast Local Land Services and North Coast Regional Landcare are working together to achieve outcomes for our communities and the environment and funding for local Landcare groups is a result of that strong relationship.”

Landcare projects are supported by North Coast Local Land Services through funding from the National Landcare Programme.

Tim Ryan, Landcare Project Officer from Nambucca Valley Landcare, has been working with four farmers on the Missabotti River and said “The support we receive from North Coast Local Land Services has allowed us to stabilise an important 1.2 kilometre stretch of the riverbank, and this builds on other erosion control work in the catchment.”

In the Macleay and Hastings, the focus has been on reducing grazing pressure to improve riverbank stability and water quality. Sharon Cunial, Landcare Coordinator at Macleay Landcare said “We applied to the Habitat Action Grant (NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Grant program) to ‘value-add’ to the North Coast Local Land Services funding and our successful application has seen a total of $50,000 of funding allocated to three properties in the Macleay.”

Daintry Gerrand from Hastings Landcare Inc said, “The support from North Coast Local Land Services has enabled us to further our work on dung beetle trials and distribution in the catchment.

“The dung beetles improve soils and increase water infiltration and nutrient capture into the soil profile, which has a positive effect on water quality.

“Additionally, we are working with oyster farmers in the Hastings estuary who have formed a new Landcare group and we are aiming to support landholders in the estuary with some incentive funding to improve water quality in that area.”

For information on incentive opportunities, contact your local Landcare Office.

Media contact:

Max Osborne, North Coast Local Land Services Phone: 6563 6710

Photo caption:

Working together on water quality L-R: Sharon Cunial, Peter Corlis (Soil Conservation Service), David Thurgood (Earthworks Operator) and Owen Clarke (Landholder)