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Learning about Farm Safety and Innovation

Old farm tractorNorth Coast Local Land Services is holding a Farm Safety and Innovation Field Day to raise the awareness of these two important issues. On-farm injuries are a major problem for farming in Australia and the North Coast is no exception.

The free event will be held at the Kempsey Showground on 1 July and will present tips and techniques on running a safe farm and the latest innovative approaches to improving farm productivity.

Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer said, “Despite a significant reduction in on-farm injury related deaths over the last 20 years, farmers need to be vigilant and stay abreast of the latest innovations available in farm safety.”

SafeWork NSW will be covering a range of issues relating to farm safety and people who attend, who own a business with fewer than 50 employees, will be eligible for a $500 safety rebate to purchase a wide range of safety items for their businesses.

Innovation is increasingly playing a role in improving farm safety and attendees will see a new calf catcher designed to assist farmers catch and tag calves in the field, guarding the handler from the often protective cow.

Innovative practices play a major role in modern farming and improving farm productivity and attendees will hear from local farmer Jeremy Bradley who will be covering his Parra-trooper biological control for Giant Parramatta grass.

Brendan said, “Jeremy has been recognised for innovations in sustainable agriculture and his work in soil biology has inspired and informed many of his fellow farmers.”

Emerging technology will be a focus of the day and guest speakers will cover precision agriculture and spatial mapping, the use of drones in agriculture and new technology to assist cattle breeders improve their genetics.

Dr Brad Walmsley from NSW Department of Primary Industries will be discussing the use of gaming technology in assessing cattle for meat yield. The new technology uses Wii gaming cameras to give a 3-D image of the animal carcass which allows producers to better target their market through more accurate assessment of fat and muscle.

For more information and to register your attendance, please feel free to contact Brendan O’Brien, North Coast Local Land Services on 6563 6700 or by email - brendan.o’

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Brendan O’Brien, North Coast Local Land Services 6563 6700

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