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Landcare and North Coast Local Land Services building a stronger future for the environment

NCLLS and NCRL representativesA Partnership Agreement between North Coast Local Land Services and North Coast Regional Landcare is delivering benefits to the community and the environment.  The Agreement which was signed in 2015, is now at the mid-point and the two organisations are continuing to identify ways to further strengthen their partnership.

The success of the Partnership was highlighted at the recent North Coast Regional Landcare Gathering, where members of both organisations highlighted outcomes achieved in community engagement, environmental restoration and sustainable agriculture.

President of North Coast Regional Landcare, Bob Jarman said, “Landcare is a grass roots community movement, made up of individuals and groups who work to protect and restore their local environments.

“Our partnership with North Coast Local Land Services encourages us to work together for better outcomes for both the community and the environment.”

Royce Bennett, Manager Land Services for North Coast Local Land Services said, “With local knowledge and a collective understanding of the unique features and challenges of the north coast region, the North Coast Local Land Services team supports the community to grow healthy environments.

“We have a strong network of long-standing partnerships established across the North Coast region and we continually work to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships.

“We have seen benefits from our partnership agreement with Landcare on the North Coast over the last eighteen months and we are keen to identify ways to build on and extend those benefits and achieve the best value from investment of public funds,” he said.

Bob Jarman, President of North Coast Regional Landcare said, “The Partnership with North Coast Local Land Services is much more than the provision of funding and resources, it’s also about harnessing each organisations knowledge and skills.

“Our collaborative projects stretch across many areas, including sustainable grazing practices, enhancing vegetative corridors for biodiversity and assisting Indigenous communities.” Bob said.

Royce Bennett, concluded, “We support a community-based delivery model by partnering with Landcare and other organisations across the region to support the community to undertake natural resource management and sustainable agriculture activities.

“The Partnership offers centralised support, meaning volunteers are able to focus their efforts on on-ground works.

“Throughout the North Coast region, individuals and volunteers in a range of organisations such as Landcare, are supported by funding from the NSW and Australian Government through various programs and this Partnership helps Landcare deliver strategically-aligned programs, with the support and guidance they need.”

Bob Jarman concluded, “The North Coast Landcare community looks forward to continuing the partnership with North Coast Local Land Services and achieve further outcomes for the community and the environment”.

North Coast Local Land Services Media Contact:
Royce Bennett Phone 0428 481 907

North Coast Regional Landcare Media Contact:
Bob Jarman, President Phone 0429 320 012

Photo caption:

The North Coast Local Land Services and North Coast Regional Landcare partnership is achieving real results for the community and environment.

L to R: John Nagle from North Coast Local Land Services and Chris Roberts from Tweed Landcare.