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Joint Media Release: Community encouraged to report wild deer vehicle incidents

Deer roadsignWild deer have been a concern in the Port Macquarie area since the 1980s and as the Hastings region continues to develop, the negative impacts of wild deer have increased.

In a community survey last year, there was a range of reported impacts from the presence of wild deer in the community including damage to crops, plant nurseries, vineyards, golf courses and local gardens.  One of the key impacts identified was the number of vehicle accidents involving wild deer, with many survey participants identifying both near-misses and actual accidents.

NSW Police continue to work closely with North Coast Local Land Services and other stakeholders on reducing the negative impacts of wild deer on the community. Sergeant Wayne Sainsbury from NSW Police said, “Reporting accidents and near-misses is vital so that we can monitor the trends over time.”

“Road users need to be vigilant to danger at all times, but animals like wild deer can be unpredictable and sometimes accidents are unavoidable.”

“We have recorded more than 80 accidents in the region since 2009 and are encouraging residents to report any incidents or near misses that may occur due to wild deer,” said Sergeant Sainsbury.

Jo McGoldrick from North Coast Local Land Services said, “It is important to remember that wild deer are not a native animal. They are an appealing animal but sadly, when not controlled, they can damage the habitats of native animals including threatened animal species which rely on these habitats to survive.”

Anyone that has been involved in a traffic incident over the past 12 months but hasn't reported it to police is encouraged to do so by contacting Sergeant Sainsbury directly on 6583 0127 or via email on

Media contact: Sergeant Wayne Sainsbury, Mid North Coast Local Area Command Phone 6583 0127

Photo captions: By identifying areas where wild deer are active, strategies such as roadside signage can be implemented.