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Free soil biology and compost field day

SoilAre you interested in soil biology or want to know more about compost? North Coast Local Land Services, in conjunction with Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare and Bellinger Landcare are hosting a field day that will cover all you need to know about these two important topics.

Presented by David Hardwick an Agricultural Ecologist from Soil Land Food, the field day will answer questions such as:

  • What is Soil Biology and how do I manage it well?
  • How to assess your Soil Biology in the field – hands-on demonstration.
  • How to assess Compost and its Quality – hands-on demonstration and display.
  • How do I use Compost and what are the benefits?

The Dorrigo Plateau supports a number of highly productive agricultural systems including vegetables, dairying and intensive beef production. Healthy sustainable soils underpin these industries and in turn these industries contribute to our local community through food production.

Selina Miller, Land Services Officer said, “Land managers on a wide variety of soil types and climates can achieve healthy soils. Looking at soil biology is one way you can find out about the health of your soil. A healthy soil should contain a diverse range of soil organisms. These organisms play an essential role in decomposing organic material, cycling nutrients, fertilising the soil and prevent against disease.

“A quality compost has the ability to improve the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of soil, improve water holding capacity and add soil organic matter and beneficial microorganisms.

“This day is designed to provide landholders with the skills to assess soil biology and there will be compost sample displayed to help landholders assess what makes good quality compost. When used in conjunction with another management tool such as looking at your soil chemical fertility through soil sampling and soil physical properties this will provide a good indication on your soils health.

“The field day is hands on and we’re asking landholders to bring along a cube of their soil in a bucket for assessment on the day,” Selina said.

The field day will be held at Dorrigo Showground on 9 December 2016 and there are only 20 places available.  If you are interested in attending contact Selina Miller on 6604 1112 or

This project is supported by North Coast Local Land Services, through funding from the National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action New South Wales in partnership with Coffs Harbour and Bellinger Landcare, with funding also provided from the Federal Government Small Grants for Sustainable Agriculture

Media contact:

Selina Miller, Land Services Officer, Phone 6604 1112

Photo captions:

Soil health is in your hands.