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Free field days focusing on soils

SoilAre you interested in soil management, the value of poultry litter as a fertiliser or want to know more about assessing the soil in your fields? North Coast Local Land Services is hosting two field days for Nambucca and Hastings Valley livestock producers that will cover these important topics.

The field days will be useful for you if you are interested in how important is soil to your agricultural production. Have you had a soil analysis but don’t really understand all the figures? Have you wondered about the benefits of chicken litter applications for your farm? How well do you know the physical characteristics of your soils across your paddocks?

Presenters include:

  • David Hardwick, agricultural ecologist, will identify and explain the useful figures in a soil analysis to learn more about your farm’s nutrient status
  • Neil Griffith, DPI Technical Specialist Pastures, will describe best practice management for applications of chicken litter as a pasture fertiliser
  • Cath Eggert will lead an informative discussion on dung beetles and
  • Jeremy Bradley will demonstrate a range of simple and practical tests to assess the physical attributes of your soil in the paddock

Soil analysis reports can seem complex and many landholders have expressed a desire to be able to extract the really useful and relevant information from such reports. David Hardwick uses innovative extension methods to build landholders knowledge and give them the practical skills to better understand and manage their soils on farm. It is recommended to bring along a soil analysis report from your farm if possible.

The field days will provide an opportunity for landholders to enhance their knowledge of many aspects of soil management as well as providing a variety of practical physical skills to enable landholders to better assess their own soils and understand their limitations and qualities.

The Hastings Valley field day will be held at Pembrooke Hall on 7 December and the Nambucca Valley field day will be held at Utungun Hall on 8 December. Both days commence at 9.30 am with registration and morning tea and finish at 3.00 pm with a free lunch. If you are interested in attending contact Geoff LeMessurier on 6563 6717 or

The funding for the field days is provided by the Australian Government through the National Landcare Programme.

Media contact:

Geoff LeMessurier, Senior Land Services Officer Phone 6563 6717

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Soil health is in your hands.