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Building a strong future for the North Coast macadamia industry

AMS and NCLLS representativesNorth Coast Local Land Services and the Australian Macadamia Society recently signed a new partnership agreement that will support the productivity and sustainability of the macadamia industry on the North Coast of NSW between Port Macquarie and the Queensland border.

North Coast Local Land Services has a strong network of long-standing partnerships established across the North Coast region and continually works to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships to support productive and sustainable agriculture.

The Australian Macadamia Society is the national representative body for the macadamia industry and is based on the North Coast at Lismore.  The Australian Macadamia Society takes responsibility for driving industry adoption and application of the outcomes of investment in research & development and marketing.

Mr Bruce Brown, General Manager North Coast Local Land Services said of the Agreement, “Partnerships with organisations such as the Australian Macadamia Society help us understand the factors that are driving change across the industry and how these drivers interact to provide future opportunities for macadamia industry growth and sustainability.

“The macadamia industry is certainly one of the cornerstones of the agricultural economy on the North Coast.

The Australian macadamia industry was worth over $217 million at farm gate in 2015, up from $110 million in 2013.  Value adding by Australian processors adds a further $70 million to this value.  Export earnings in 2015 were over $200 million putting macadamias in the top 5 horticultural exports for Australia.  In NSW the industry is worth $120 million at farm gate and earns over $100 million in exports.

“We see it as crucial that macadamia growers have access to the best information and latest research to enable them to make the decisions required to grow their businesses and the overall North Coast economy and this partnership will facilitate that.

“The services that we provide to industries such as the macadamia industry are funded through a variety of sources including the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, the NSW Government’s Catchment Action and rates from landholders such as macadamia growers,” Bruce said.

Mr Jolyon Burnett, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Macadamia Society said, “The AMS is pleased to work in partnership with North Coast Local Land Services to deliver a real return on the investment of our macadamia growers who pay rates to North Coast Local Land Services.

“Wherever possible, we are looking to enhance our value to members right across the supply chain and facilitating access to the best quality information and networks to support both the productivity and sustainability of the macadamia industry on the North Coast,” Jolyon concluded.

Media contact:

Lindy Brown
Team Leader, North Coast Local Land Services
Phone: 0427 826 152

Mr Jolyon Burnett
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Macadamia Society
Phone: 0416 224 935

Photo captions:

(L to R) Mr Jolyon Burnett, Chief Executive Officer Australian Macadamia Society with Bruce Brown, General Manager North Coast Local Land Services