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Better marketing for beef producers

Beefspecs participants looking at cattleNorth Coast Local Land Services and NSW Department of Primary Industries have joined forces to deliver the BeefSpecs program to North Coast beef producers from Nambucca and the Hastings. BeefSpecs is a beneficial program for producers, particularly those selling direct to meat processors, or trying to meet a particular market within certain specifications

BeefSpecs is a new decision making program and features two important tools - the BeefSpecs Calculator and the BeefSpecs Drafting Tool. North Coast Local Land Services and NSW Department of Primary Industries have been working alongside local producers in the Nambucca and Hastings valleys using the Beef Specs tools to look at the marketing options for two groups of steers owned by local producers.

The BeefSpecs workshops aim to increase market compliance of cattle sent to processors and feedlots thereby maximising the financial returns to the producer. The program also explains the factors affecting growth, muscle development, fat deposition and carcass quality, with a particular focus on factors affecting MSA grading. The BeefSpecs Calculator is used for individual animals to predict live animal and carcass specifications, based on information such as breed type, sex, age, liveweight and fat score.

Beefspecs participants at Wingham meat processorsTo date the workshops have looked at live cattle assessment of individual cattle within two groups of steers. This allows producers to relate subjective measurements back to objective measurements when assessing cattle for market suitability. Pasture assessment and feed regimes to predict expected growth rates were all part of the program. The two groups of steers were followed through the program looking at their performance over several months. The program included a visit to the local meat works (Wingham Beef Exports) to look at the final product, including the carcasses grading process.

North Coast Local Land Services has a number of Beef Producer Groups across the region. Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer said, “The Beef Producer Field Days are a good opportunity for producers to get together and share knowledge and experiences among their peers.

“Currently there are two beef groups active in the southern part of our region - one in the Hastings and one in Nambucca that meet every couple of months and there are also groups who meet in the northern part of the region.

“It is a good way for producers of all sizes to get together and be exposed to the different expertise and research with the beef industry.” Brendan said.

If you would like to get involved in a Beef Producers Group, contact North Coast Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 or visit your local office.

Media contact:

Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer, Phone 6563 6709

Photo captions:

BeefSpecs participants visited Wingham Beef Exports

BeefSpecs participants reviewing one of the groups of steers