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Wild Dog Control Program – Cabarita Beach/Bogangar

Surveillance image of wild dogs on the North CoastA meeting was held at the Tweed Council offices on Thursday March 19 to address the recent problem of wild dogs menacing people and two suspected attacks on domestic dogs.  Staff from Tweed Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service and North Coast Local Land Services discussed the issue at length and due to the nature of much of the area being residential have identified neighbouring lands on which a soft jaw trapping program will begin on Sunday 22 March.

The program will take place on NPWS Reserve, Council managed Crown Reserve and land owned by Leda Developments. The cooperation of all land managers in resolving this issue is paramount to success as wild dogs generally move over a home range which could easily be a few thousand hectares.

As much of the area is used by locals and visitors signs have been erected advising people to stay away from the coastal dune, the native vegetation areas west of Salt Villages and off the cycle ways from Cudgen Creek to Cudgen Nature Reserve and the Cudgen Nature Reserve north of Cabarita Beach.

At this time of year it is typical behavior for wild dogs to be marking their territory prior to the breeding season, people should not allow domestic dogs to be off leash or walk them in this area as any other dog in this area is at potential risk of attack.

Key DOs and DON'Ts:

  • Never approach, entice or feed any wild dogs
  • If you are approached by wild dogs - stop, fold your arms and back away slowly
  •  In the unlikely event you are attacked by a wild dog, be as aggressive and loud as you can and, if available, use a stick to ward them off

It is important to identify any dogs/wild dogs causing problems in the area so that these can be compared with any animal controlled during the program.  An accurate description needs to include:

  • Where the animal was sited
  • Size, colour
  • Type of dog
  • A photo

Sighting of wild dogs should be reported to the North Coast Local Land Services, Dean Chamberlain 0427 458 590

Photo caption:       Wild dog surveillance image

Media contact:        Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Invasive Species
                                         Phone 0427 458 590