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Second round of Grazing Permits now open

CowsLandholders are invited to apply for the second round of Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) Grazing Permits on offer through North Coast Local Land Services.

Assessment of Round 1 applications has been completed and Round 2 will open for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Monday 3 August.

"TSR paddocks available in the second round are those that had did not receive an EOI in Round 1 or had no suitable tenders," said Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Species and Plant Health

The newly established Grazing Permits allow landholders to run stock on designated TSR paddocks until June 2020 as part of a strategy designed to benefit both permit holders and the sustainable management of TSR land.

"The longer term permits will provide greater certainty for permit holders, allowing for long term investment in these reserves and the opportunity for permit holders to make more strategic land management decisions."

The second round of Grazing Permit Expressions of Interest will close on 21 August 2015.

The EOI submission process requires applicants to tender a price they are willing to pay for the use of the land until 30 June 2020.  Additional information is also requested regarding land management experience, skills and resources.

The Grazing Permit Expression of Interest pack is available in hard copy or can be downloaded from the North Coast Local Land Services website.

EOI packs can be emailed on request or landholders can pick up a paper version from their nearest Local Land Services office.

Media Contact:            Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader
                                           Phone:  0427 458 590