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Safeguarding the future of highly endangered Bungawalbin coastal emus

Emus in the Bungawalbin areaNorth Coast Local Land Services is partnering with EnviTE Environment and Reconeco Pty Ltd to strategically tackle pests in the Bungawalbin Area to protect local properties and the endangered North Coast Emu population from a range of pests.

The project is engaging Bungawalbin landholders, Main Camp Natural Extracts tea tree plantation and South Endeavour Pty Ltd in a collaborative effort focusing on management of wild dogs, feral pigs and noxious weeds. It involves a coordinated approach with the Bungawalbin Swamp Feral Pig Management Committee to extend Emu recovery actions on adjacent private lands and known hotspot areas of Emu activity.

Over fifty hectares of pest plant area controlled to date, providing threat abatement to over 800 hectares of core Emu habitat in the Bungawalbin region. Survey and monitoring work has also greatly enhanced the understanding of presence, movement and relative abundance of vertebrate pests and native wildlife in the unique wetland area.

An integrated Bungawalbin Properties Plan has been developed for safeguarding Emus from threats imposed by pests.  The Plan includes available historical Emu location information and identifies priority Emu recovery actions for implementation on engaged landholder and stakeholder sites.

Remote camera set up to capture feral pigsFive landholders participated in implementing identified key Emu recovery actions including coordinated pest management with weekly deployment of 1080 baits across 36 bait stations for wild dogs, deployment and maintenance of pig panel traps and remote camera trapping.

Weed control on properties involved local bush regenerators from Bogal Local Aboriginal Land and students from St John's College Woodlawn in Lismore were also involved in an education program.

Existing community networks have been strengthened with landholders expressing an interest in on-going involvement with Emu recovery actions. The Bungawalbin Landcare group have secured funds for additional remote cameras to extend the camera monitoring work to new sites and landholders. NSW Environmental Trust recently awarded EnviTE another two years of funding to continue work in the Bungawalbin, for more information contact them on 6627 2800.

Media contact:           Jai Sleeman, Senior Land Services Officer, NCLLS Phone 02 6623 3917