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Protecting Shorebirds on the Tweed Coast

Little TernNorth Coast Local Land Services, in conjunction with Tweed Shire Council, will target foxes and work with local schools to protect shorebirds along the Tweed Coast. 

The project will focus on fox control on both Crown and Tweed Shire Council lands along the coast between Kingscliff and Wooyung.

"Tweed Shire is home to a number of birds of high conservation value that nest on the ground, such as the Little Tern, the Beach Stone-curlew and the Pied Oystercatcher," Tweed Council's Pest Management Program Leader, Pam Gray, said.

"Introduced predators such as European foxes pose a significant threat to the successful breeding of shorebirds, because they feed on their eggs and chicks."

Kel Langfield, Land Services Officer for North Coast Local Land Services said, "The project is adopting some innovative practices to protect these important species including the use of trained dogs to locate fox dens in the targeted coastal areas.  The dens will then be fumigated to humanely euthanase the foxes."

He continued, "An important aspect of the North Coast Local Land Services approach is education and building community capacity.  The project will therefore be accompanied by an education and awareness campaign about shorebird protection, focusing on schools in the area."

Two public schools on the Tweed Coast will be involved to teach children about the shorebirds that call the Tweed home and will raise awareness about the importance of protecting these shorebirds from the threats of predators and the potential impacts of people.

Kel continued, "School programs to educate young people are often an effective way to spread the word about issues of animal conservation."

Media contact:           Kel Langfield, Land Services Officer, North Coast Local Land Services
                                              Phone 6623 3927

Photo caption:          One of the high conservation value birds being protected – the Little Tern