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Protecting drinking water and the environment

Wilsons River tidal poolA partnership between North Coast Local Land Services and Rous Water is being expanded to a further five properties following successful work with landholders around the Wilson's River tidal pool near Lismore.  The project is protecting both precious water supplies and preserving important riparian zones.

North Coast Local Land Services and Rous Water are working together to address erosion issues on grazing, horticultural and strategic non-agricultural properties, protecting riverbanks, farming land and improving the water quality.

Laura McKinley, Land Services Officer said, "The project includes fencing for grazing management and protection of riparian areas, weed control, minor infill planting and major revegetation of some areas."

The project has important outcomes in the stablisation of riverbanks and a reduction in soil erosion.  This reduces the potential for associated chemicals, pathogens and suspended solids from these riparian areas entering the water source.

The outcome of this work assists in improving water quality for rural stock and domestic supply as well as town water use.  The project contributes to grazing enterprise viability through improved stock water quality and by providing shelter for stock and pasture.

Laura continued, "As a bonus the project will improve riparian and in-stream habitat values for biodiversity - helping to link existing restoration projects in the area and Boat Harbour Nature Reserve."

"Works have commenced on the planting of over 4000 plants and protection of  over five hectares of sensitive and important riparian area.

"Our partnership with Rous Water is an important one where the community benefits from a number of positive outcomes in water quality, biodiversity and primary industry productivity."

As the project develops, the partnership will also involve training and mentoring of landholders in bush regeneration techniques.

Media contact:           Laura McKinley, Land Services Officer
                                           Phone 6623 3923

Photo caption:          Wilson's River tidal pool near Lismore