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Planning to prevent blueberry orchard erosion

Blueberry planning to prevent erosionNorth Coast Local Land Services and Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare are working together to provide support to local blueberry growers to reduce the potential for soil erosion on their farms.

The high rainfall experienced on the North Coast, combined with blueberry production on slopes, can result in high rates of soil loss and pollution of waterways.  Planning for drainage and earthworks prior to planting can lead to better conservation of soils on farm. 

Supported by North Coast Local Land Services, through funding from the National Landcare Programme, Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare is able to offer support to local blueberry growers to improve their farms for reduced soil erosion risk. 

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Project Officer, Pia Dollmann said, "We can provide professional Soil & Water Management Plans which take slope and soil properties into consideration in setting up blueberry rows, roll-over banks and access roads at the correct angle and distance.

"We have worked with local growers for a number of years and this takes the guess work out of the equation for a workable farm layout.

"We are now looking for growers interested in such plans," Pia concluded

Growers are encouraged to stay tuned for additional activities in the project including an upcoming workshop about the re-development 'old' and 'tired' blueberry rows for good soil rejuvenation that will increase production and prevent and minimise soil erosion.

For more information, please call Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare on 6651 1308 or visit their website

Media contact:          

Pia Dollmann, Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare 6651 1308
Shaun Morris, North Coast Local Land Services 6659 9402

Photo caption:   Good planning on blueberry orchards can prevent future soil erosion issues