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North Coast Local Land Services completes solid first year

Chair and GMLocal Land Services has identified key achievements in its first year in a publication released recently. 

Local Land Services was established to provide integrated and coordinated services to landholders and the community to improve biosecurity, agricultural production, emergency management and natural resource management.  The first year of operation has seen a number of strong achievements for the organisation, particularly on the North Coast.

Mr Kent Lee, Chair of the North Coast Local Land Services Board said, "The North Coast Local Land Services team has achieved great results for both the North Coast environment and the local agricultural industry in the last year.  Our staff live and work in the region, are familiar with the local landscapes and natural resources of the region and are committed to protecting and nurturing them."

"The North Coast Local Land Services team, with their unique mix of experience and expertise is committed to addressing the challenges and maximising the opportunities presented by working in Australia's third most biodiverse region.  The North Coast is also home to one of Australia's the most diverse agricultural regions," Mr Lee said.

Mr Bruce Brown, General Manager said "North Coast Local Land Services advisory services are targeting productivity growth across the existing major agricultural industries whilst also focusing on long term sustainability".  Mr Brown also noted the significant growth potential of the horticultural industries and the need for ongoing North Coast Local Land Services support.

Additional achievements on the North Coast include

  • The Biosecurity team issued over 22,000 baits covering over 520,000 hectares to minimise the impact of wild dogs.
  • 4,000 hectares baited to minimise feral pigs.
  • The District Veterinarians undertook 500 on-farm visits and,
  • Issued over 280 stock disease/residue certifications.

These actions ensure that North Coast produce is free of many of the pests and diseases found in other parts of the world and crucial access to markets is maintained.

With a strong focus on natural resource management, the funding, programs and partnerships that North Coast Local Land Services undertakes each year also protected:

  • Over 35,000 hectares of native vegetation.
  • 1,300 hectares of wetland and coastal vegetation and,
  • Over 520 kilometres of stream banks and riparian areas.

Mr Brown said of the Region's achievements, "The work of North Coast Local Land Services team to minimise the risk of diseases and pests, build capacity in our communities and ensuring the health of our natural resources is preserved combines to support the Region's lifestyles and livelihoods."

Chair of the Local Land Services Board of Chairs, John Macarthur-Stanham says reasonable progress has been made towards building a strong platform for providing services.  "There is great strength in regional input and decision-making and having local people involved at the grass-roots has been vital to starting to deliver on-ground results," Mr Macarthur-Stanham said.

 "While there have been significant results delivered in 2014, in the future we will be focusing on improving the level of reporting being undertaken and assessing customer satisfaction with our performance," he said.

Statewide achievements include:

  • Community representatives elected onto Local Land Services boards
  • 812 staff available to assist local communities from offices in 94 towns throughout NSW
  • 2389 general consultations by vets and biosecurity officers
  • 335 saleyard inspections conducted
  • 444 livestock export certificates issued
  • 1884 properties involved in Wild Dog Spring Offensive
  • 240,000+ baits used via 765,000 hectares of ground baiting and 4,440km of aerial bait lines
  • 12,072 participants (in person days) at training events
  • 457,702 hectares protected through 621 voluntary conservation agreements
  • 1785 hectares of riverbank vegetation protected by fencing
  • 27 organisations combined into 1.

The 2014 Local Land Services achievements publication is available at

Image:                         Mr Kent Lee, Chair (right) and Mr Bruce Brown, General Manager (left)

Media contact:          Michelle Gapes, Communications Officer,  0429 824 321