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Macleay Landholders Encouraged to attend free Wild Dog Trapping Workshop

Landholders attending a workshopNorth Coast Local Land Services is offering a free Wild Dog Trapping Workshop for landholders who are Local Land Services ratepayers.

Wild dogs, including dingoes, feral dogs and their hybrids, are regarded as pests and can cause substantial losses of livestock, threaten native wildlife, kill domestic dogs and cats and create serious and costly problems for landholders.

Wild dog control in New South Wales is legislated by the Local Land Services Act 2013 that requires owners and occupiers of land to eradicate, continuously suppress or destroy wild dogs on their property.

The Wild Dog Trapping Workshop being held on Sunday 24 May and will be followed by the Upper Macleay Wild Dog Control Association Annual Meeting.  This important meeting will discuss a number of issues relating to wild dog control in the Macleay.

Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Invasive Species said, "North Coast Local Land Services has been working closely with key stakeholders including managers from both National Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry Corporation NSW to formalise an overarching regional wild dog control plan for the North Coast area.  We are hopeful that the meeting on 24 May will provide the opportunity for local landholders from the Kempsey region to provide input towards the planning of agreed control measures for a localised wild dog control plans for the Macleay area."

He continued, "We'll also be discussing the planned 2015 wild dog control programs including both the aerial baiting program which is scheduled for 23 May, weather permitting, and the ground baiting arrangements that support the aerial program."

The meeting will have two guest speakers, Col Wilkie, Australian Vertebrate Pest Control who has during the past five months undertaken an extensive trapping program across the Kempsey LGA area under the direction of North Coast Local Land Services, made possible by Commonwealth Drought Support Package funding. 

Guy Ballard from Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, Industry & Investment will also be presenting research activities undertaken for the Invasive Animals CRC Wild Dog Demonstration Site.

Places at the Workshop are limited so you are encouraged to register your attendance early by calling the North Coast Local Land Services Kempsey office on 6563 6700.

Photo caption: Landholders are encouraged to attend this free workshop

Media contact: Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Invasive Species,  Mobile: 0427 458 590