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Building a stronger Landcare on the North Coast

Landcare working on projectNorth Coast Local Land Services and North Coast Regional Landcare are working together to submit a region-wide application as part of the NSW Government's $15 million 2015-19 Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.

The initiative will provide a network of locally-based coordinators to work with Landcare groups and networks to build capacity and connections within their communities. It has been designed to increase the effectiveness of the Landcare network, extend the coverage of Landcare throughout NSW and to focus on finding a sustainable model to ensure the network's future viability.

The North Coast Landcare Partnership Agreement, which has been operating for six months, is ensuring that both organisations work collaboratively to achieve outcomes for the north coast region. 

Royce Bennett, Manager Land Services for North Coast Local Land Services said, "North Coast Local Land Services supports a community-based delivery model by partnering with Landcare and other organisations across the region to support the community to undertake natural resource management and sustainable agriculture activities.

"This initiative builds on the resources already committed at the local level and offers centralised support meaning volunteers will be able to focus their efforts on on-ground works.

"The local coordinators will work closely with North Coast Regional Landcare, the Landcare networks and the local community to build capacity and resilience.

"Throughout the North Coast region, local groups of volunteers are striving to continue and this support should help them deliver strategically-aligned programs, with the support and guidance they need.

The $15 million Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative will also see the establishment of a Landcare Future Fund to investigate potential funding options, as well as a Community of Practice to provide centralised training and support.

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Landcare brings the whole community together