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Bovine Ephemeral Fever Warning

CowNorth Coast Local Lands Services District Veterinarians have confirmed the first case of Three Day Sickness for the year in a cow in the Kyogle area. Three day sickness or Bovine Ephemeral Fever is a viral disease of cows.

Animals affected with Bovine Ephemeral fever experience a sudden onset of fever and are often reluctant to move. These animals stop eating and become depressed and can drool saliva, develop a nasal discharge and may have watery eyes. The fever may cause temporary infertility in bulls and abortions in pregnant cows.

Typically affected animals are only sick for a few days hence the name Three Day Sickness.

Treatment is often unnecessary however animals should be provided with adequate shelter, water and food. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be administered under veterinary advice. Heat stroke is another consideration if these animals go down in hot weather.

Once cattle have been infected with the disease, most develop long term immunity.

A Vaccination is available under veterinary prescription. Two doses of vaccine are required four weeks apart to achieve adequate protection. The second dose of vaccine can be given only two weeks after the first if protection is required urgently.

If you have any questions regarding Three Day Sickness please contact your North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian or your local vet.


Media contact:           Liz Bolin, District Veterinarian, 0412 303 907

Photo caption:           Three Day Sickness is a viral disease affecting cows