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Better marketing of beef - BeefSpecs workshops continue

Attendees at BeefSpecs workshopNorth Coast Local Land Services and NSW Department of Primary Industries are continuing to deliver workshops to assist beef producers make better beef marketing decisions.

The next BeefSpecs workshops will be held at Utungun on 27 October and on 24 November in the Hastings Valley at Long Flat. The workshops will focus on steer growth over the past month, nutrition, cattle assessment and marketing options in a pasture finishing system.

Beef producers who are interested in learning what buyers look for when purchasing cattle and how to increase their returns by finishing cattle within the buyer's specifications will find this workshop invaluable.

Brendan O'Brien, Senior Land Services Officer said of the workshops, "Cattle producers are interested in delivering what the market wants.

"Through BeefSpecs producers can access information on how to assess muscle and fat score and relate that information back to where cattle fit in their selected market.

"We also explore different market options as BeefSpecs is a great tool to optimise feeding and marketing decisions to increase profitability," Brendan concluded.

BeefSpecs enables landholders to monitor their cattle and make decisions on whether they should, if feed is available, invest in finishing certain classes of cattle to meet a higher market specification; or if feed is short, sell cattle already meeting lower specifications; or target other options.

The BeefSpecs workshops aim to increase market compliance of cattle sent to processors and feedlots thereby maximising the financial returns to the producer. The BeefSpecs Drafting tool uses easy to obtain on farm measurements to assist beef producers in achieving market specifications.  

For further information on participating in the upcoming workshops at Utungun and Long Flat, please contact Senior Local Land Services Officer; Brendan O'Brien on 6563 6709 or by email brendan.o'

Details on BeefSpecs can be found on the DPI website.

Media contact
:           Brendan O'Brien, Senior Land Services Officer, 6563 6709

Photo caption:           Attendees at the recent BeefSpecs workshop