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Farmers are great - no bull

Raising awareness of their trip to Moree and Narrabri to learn first-hand about cotton and pecan production through farm and industry visits, Grafton High School (GHS) Year 10 Agriculture students were showing their 'cow 'at the school's recent "60 Years of Education" display at Grafton Shoppingworld.

The trip is part of their participation in the 'Art4Agriculture' program as they compete for the "Archibull Prize".

The Archibull Prize is an innovative and fun programme that provides students with opportunities to meet young farmers and engage in genuine farm experiences, gain knowledge and skills about the production of the food they eat, fibres they use and the environment they live in.

This year's theme celebrates the role Australian farmers' play in feeding Australian families and many other families around the world.

Mr Keith Brown, Agriculture teacher at GHS said:

"Art4Agriculture" acknowledges that the average person doesn't consider the resources and expertise required to keep a nation well fed. Many students at Grafton High School have never been west of the divide or seen food production on a large farm. With the generous support of a $1000 grant from North Coast Local Land Services we are about to change all that on our trip to meet some leading young farmers who should or will inspire our students.

"The trip will show students that modern agriculture now attracts young and highly skilled Australians and is a rewarding career choice, much different perhaps to what their parent's experiences may have been."

Mr Royce Bennett, Manager Land Services, said:

"We are more than happy to support Grafton High School in undertaking this 'experiential' trip.   The average age of farmers both here on the North Coast and elsewhere continues to rise and a programme that inspires the next generation of farmers is a great investment."

During the trip students will complete blogs and multimedia displays and will need to turn their blank fibreglass 'Archibull cow' into an artwork that showcases their research into the cotton industry.

Their 'Archibull' will be judged against 24 others from participating schools around NSW.

Archibull', the yet to be painted Art4Agriculture fibreglass cow 

Photo: (l to r) Brandon Robinson (GHS), Nigel Blake (Senior Land Sevices Officer, NCLLS) and Brody Bale (GHS) with "Archibull", the yet to be painted Art4Agriculture fibreglass cow.

Media contact: Darren Murray, Senior Land Services Officer – telephone 6653 0129.