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Customer Engagement

Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd has been engaged by North Coast Local Land Services to undertake a customer benchmarking study.  The study will provide useful insight about how we can better engage our stakeholders to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services across the region and across the agency's four functional areas - agricultural production, natural resource management, biosecurity and emergency management.

The goals of the study were to:

a.      Explore the attitudes, needs and perceptions of regional stakeholders and the community in relation to North Coast Local Land Services and the delivery of functions and services.

b.      Provide results which can be used to inform operational reviews and planning processes, and assist to demonstrate compliance with State priorities and contributions towards state goals in the areas of agricultural land protection, improved farm productivity, native habitat protection, community engagement and participation, and customer satisfaction.

c.      Provide a baseline against which future benchmarking studies can be compared, allowing changes in attitudes, needs and perceptions to be monitored over time.

Research was required to create a benchmark measurement of attitudes towards and perceptions of the North Coast Local Land Services against which future research can be compared to measure changes in stakeholder and community attitudes and satisfaction. The research findings will be used to inform planning and operation processes, and show progress towards state government goals in agriculture, native habitat protection, community engagement and service provision.

Overall, the aim of this project was to measure the attitudes, perceptions and needs of the North Coast Local Land Services stakeholders and wider community in relation to its services and functions.

Read the full results of the 2014 North Coast Local Land Services Social Benchmarking Survey.