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The SES is responsible for responding to floods in NSW. This includes planning for floods and educating people about how to protect themselves and their property. During floods the SES will provide flood information, safety advice and arrange for the delivery of essential supplies to people isolated by floodwater. Where appropriate, the SES will conduct evacuations and undertake flood rescue.

North Coast Local Land Services, in partnership with NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), is responsible for the coordination of agriculture and animal services in emergencies. DPI is responsible for coordinating animal relief services for livestock, wildlife and companion animals. Information on flood assistance can be found on the DPI website.

Planning and preparing for floods

North Coast Local Land Services has produced a Farm Flood Readiness Kit for landholders, which includes a flood readiness checklist, flood plan and nomination plan.

To request your free copy of the Farm Flood Readiness Kit, email North Coast Local Land Services or contact your nearest office.  You can also download the Registration Form and send it to us at PO Box 1417, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Other valuable resources

NSW State Flood plan: This plan sets out the mitigation, preparation, warning, response and recovery arrangements for flooding in NSW and the responsibilities of agencies and organisations with regard to these functions.

The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) has created the following resources to keep you Floodsafe at home, at work and on the farm:

Flood warnings

For up to date and localised information about flooding contact NSW SES on 132 500.

Bureau of Meteorology:


Department of Primary Industries Office of Water real-time water data: The Office of Water monitors the availability and condition of surface water by measuring water level, stream flow, rainfall and key water quality indicators. There is also an app available for mobile that allows instant access to information on stream and salinity levels for surface water, major dam levels and inflows and water table data. Download: iPhone/iPad - iTunes or Android phone or tablet - Google Play

NSW SES app: The NSW SES app can help you prepare for floods. It includes local flood information as well as information on what to do just before, during and after the flood.

NSW Live traffic website or app: The Transport for NSW Live traffic website and app provide live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.

Emergency+ app: The Emergency+ app is a free app developed by Australia's emergency services and their Government and industry partners. The app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services.


Once the floodwaters have receded, the hard work begins.  North Coast Local Land Services has produced a Flood Recovery Advice booklet which offers a range of information on:

  • Pasture health and survival after flooding
  • Weed management
  • Caring for livestock in times of flood
  • Reducing risk
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Health issues to consider
  • Flood recovery - creating a financial plan

The Flood Recovery Advice booklet is free to download or you can contact North Coast Local Land Services if you would like a hard copy.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has a range of online resources for land holders to guide them in recovering from floods.