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Wild dogs

What is a wild dog?

A wild dog means any dog, including a dingo, that is or has become wild but excludes any dog kept in accordance with Companion Animal legislation.

Control options

Wild dogs can operate individually, in small groups or as packs. They can be extremely cunning which can make control very difficult. Poisoning with 1080 baits, trapping with soft jaw leg hold traps and shooting are effective control tools particularly when they are part of an integrated control approach. Group control across several holdings will achieve the best results.

Wild dog control

A coordinated operational strategy by North Coast Local Land Services is undertaken throughout the year to address wild dog populations.

North Coast Local Land Services partners with other NSW Government agencies, industry bodies and wild dog control groups using ground and aerial baits, trapping, GPS tracking using collars and monitoring with motion cameras.

Wild dog policy

Local Land Services Wild Dog Policy supports the NSW Government's Wild Dog Management Strategy.

Wild dog management plans

For more information on how to create a wild dog management plan in your area, speak to your Local Land Services biosecurity officer.

Map wild dogs and other feral pests using your mobile phone

Feral Scan is a free mapping service that you can use to help with feral pest control in your local area.

iphone, Android and IPad users can now access Wild Dog Scan and record wild dog data much more quickly while in the field. This is a valuable addition to Wild Dog Scan and can be used by farmers, NRM groups, wild dog control associations, community groups and local governments. Find out how you can use Feral Scan.