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NSW Pest Reforms

As part of the State Government’s response to the state-wide review of pest animal management by the Natural Resources Commission in 2016, each Local Land Services has formed a Regional Pest Animal Committee (RPAC) with the initial task of preparing a Regional Pest Animal Management Plan (RPAMP). This is similar to the recent weed management reforms.

The North Coast Regional Pest Animal Committee

The role of North Coast RPAC is to provide tenure neutral strategic planning and coordination of pest animal management activities to achieve RPAMP outcomes within the boundaries of the North Coast Local Land Services region. The aim is to prevent new incursions and reduce the impact of established pest animals for the benefit of the community, primary industries and environment.

The Regional Pest Animal Committee is a local community advisory group under the provisions of Section 33 of the Local Land Services Act 2013.

The membership has been limited to 8 to 10 members representing major land uses within the region including relevant industry and environmental representatives. North Coast Local Land Services has appointed Mike Hogan as the Independent Chair.