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Our chair

Mark Bulley – Acting Chair, North Coast Local Land Services

Mark Bulley was appointed Acting Chair, North Coast Local Land Services on 3 June 2015.

Mark BulleyMark Bulley is based in the Hastings Valley and has a background not only in the dairy and beef industries but has also been active in the oyster industry for over 30 years.   Mark is a member of the Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Council, Chair of the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership and a member of the Advisory Committee for Charles Sturt University.

Mark was a member of the Executive Council, Conservation and Resource Management Committee for the NSW Farmers Association and Chaired the Oyster Committee for 5 years.  

He has also been a member of the Shellfish Industry Council of Australia, the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre and Caring for our Country Environmental Management System Steering Committee.  

Mark looks forward to working strategically in partnership with all stakeholders to put together the building blocks for sustainable development and activities that allow communities and future generations to prosper.